WOD for FEB. 2nd

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WOD for FEB. 2nd

“Grind until you get it no matter what
the haters say and never look back, keep
striving because it’s your life.”
– Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Teams of Two
Accumulate Rx: Calories, Assault
Rx: 300/200 S:250/150

*While one teammate is on the bike
the other will be completing a round
of the following:
10 Alt. DB snatch Rx:50/35 S:35/20
10 sit ups
10 Alt. Rev. Farmers carry DB lunges
Rx:50/35 S:35/20
Teammates will switch when teammate
has completed the round.

*Teammate can not bike more then
20/15 calories when it is his/her turn.
30 Minute Time Cap

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