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At Home WOD for Mar. 20th

For Time:
5 Rounds
200m Run
10 KB Swings
200m Farmers Carry
Rest 1 minute between rounds

*Penalty-Every time you drop
in the farmer’s carry it is
5/3 HRPU performed immediately
after finishing the farmer’s
carry for that round.

If you do not have to KB’s use two
dumbbells for farmer’s carry.

There are approximately 132 steps
in 100m. Pick a starting point walk
132 steps and mark it off. This will
give you a 200m course(100m down-100m back).

Post your time to our Facebook page.

**If you do not have KB use DB for
clean & jerks (5 on right/5 on left)

**If you do not have DB’s or KB:
5 Rounds
For Time:
200m Run
Rest 1 minute between rounds