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At Home WOD for Mar. 26th

On the 3:00 x 6 Rounds
40 Double unders Fx:60 singles
8 DB Deadlifts
8 DB Power cleans
8 DB Front squats
Remaining time in 3:00 is your rest
*Score is slowest round

*If you don’t have a jump rope sub
dot hops.

*If you do not have dumbbells use a
single KB. You will perform KB-
deadlift, clean(4 on right/left) &
goblet squat. You can sub Russian
KB Swing for clean.

The intensity of this work is to
perform roughly 2:00-2:15 of work
and the remaining time is rest.
Adjust your reps accordingly. In
the later rounds you may only get
:20-:30 of rest.

Post your time on Facebook page.