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Community Spotlight: Meet Darren M.

Learn about Darren’s amazing journey of weight loss through Kickboxing, and later on, adding Strength Training to his weekly routine.

Darren has a compelling story to tell about losing 31 pounds, and gaining a significant amount of muscle at the same, in a methodical and healthy way that should inspire anyone scared to get started to, well, get started! We especially loved hearing that no matter whether it was our MKG Martial Arts community or our MKG Fitness community he rates both as equally encouraging supportive and devoid of the ‘bro culture’ and meathead mentality so stereotypical of other mixed martial arts and crossfit gyms. We try hard.

Darren started his journey as many do; with a wake-up call from the doctor. He wasn’t feeling well and his weight had snuck on him and he had reached ‘obese’ levels. He began walking in the neighborhood in hopes of bringing his weight down. On many of these walks he would walk by the open doors of MKG Martial Arts at our Pinehurst location and think the kickboxing classes looked like fun.

Several months later he got the courage and motivation to join. In September 2021 he started 2-3 days a week in our Kickboxing & HIIT classes. (high intensity interval training) As his body began to adapt he established relationships with the coaches and inquired about building muscle. They advocated adding more strength training to his routine.

In January 2022 Darren converted to our ‘dual facility’, MAXFit, membership and started adding strength training to his routine. In a short period of time he started noticing less fatigue just moving around that his cardio capacity had improved. In March 2022 he started noticing the results in the mirror and in the way his clothes fit. The changes began to accelerate.

He has trained consistently ever since and as he says he is currently sitting at 31 pounds of weight loss and more importantly he feels and moves much better. The mental strength and discipline he has acquired has also given him the ability to make serious changes to his diet and he has given up gluten, most dairy, soda and candy. (except the occasional candy bar as a reward!)

We are so proud of what he has accomplished but also for being willing to share his example of how a blend of strength training, kickboxing/martial arts and nutritional changes in one of the most sensible, practical and fun ways to take control of your health. COVID may have taken away ability to conduct our 4/10 week bootcamps like we used to but Darren proves the concept is alive and well in our dual facility MAXFit membership.

Thanks Darren.

First day at MKG Seattle – Sept 25, 2021

Present Day- October 2022