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CrossFit at MKG FAQ

Here are a number of frequently answered questions.

  1. What’s a “WOD”? “WOD” stands for Workout Of the Day. The “WOD” will be posted daily on our website.
  2. What does “PR” mean? “PR” stands for Personal Record. We encourage you to record all of your workout times and lifting records, so that you will know when you hit a “PR”!
  3. What is “RX”? “RX” stands for As Prescribed. This means that you have done the workout as it is written on the board. Using the as prescribed weight and as prescribed, full-range-of-motion movements.
  4. What if I can’t do the workout as RX’d ? Not to worry! Everything we do here can be scaled down to each individual’s ability. We encourage scaling as much as possible, to ensure proper form, technique, intensity, and range of motion.
  5. What should I bring to my first class, classes or private coaching session?  We’ve created a special page that answers those questions here:  What should I bring?
  6. Will I get hurt?  CrossFit is a physical fitness training regime and risk of injury is inherent in any sport or activity.  Critics of CrossFit will have you believing everyone gets hurt.  However the injury rate is completely blown out of proportion.  Be careful with what your reading and check the source.  Here is  a level headed post on the Real Clear Science website.  
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