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We’re very happy you’re considering getting started with us!  If you’ve experienced CrossFit before it’s no big deal but if you are new to CrossFit it can be intimidating and you may not know where to start.  Don’t worry or stress because…

Either way the first step is easy!

Getting started is as simple as filling out the form on the right!  Then follow the steps below.

While you wait we’ll give you two great CrossFit guides to download instantly, show you a special sneak peak video of our classes where you can see our facility and even meet a couple of your fellow CrossFitters.  We’ll also give you a link to a website where you can save $50 instantly before you even come in!

Really happy with MKG CrossFit! I started with their On-Ramp class this January, and so far it’s been exactly what I was looking for. I’ve never been a big gym person, and was looking for something varied where someone told me what to do =). The coaches and community here are great – they focus on making sure you can do the movement correctly / safely, and scaling things to people’s abilities. Very welcoming and friendly environment for newcomers.

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There is absolutely no obligation and no risk.  Fill out the form and we’ll contact you just as quickly as we can.  Or just give us a call at 206-367-0981 if you prefer.

Step 1

Call now or use the form on the right to start the process, request your FREE consultation/lesson, access the video and download the guides.  We’ll give you a call back or email if you prefer.

Step 2

Together we’ll go through your questions and setup a FREE consultation and tour with our owner about the best path forward for you. If you’re new to CrossFit the next step is to complete our Foundations/On-Ramp course. This is a fun mini-course designed to ensure that you have a great experience, have fun and stay SAFE.

If you already have CrossFit experience we will help determine the path forward at this time.

Step 3

After your On-Ramp or FREE introductory lesson if we both agree it’s a good fit we’d love to have you join us at CrossFit MKG / MKG Seattle!  We have the most unique CrossFit community in the Pacific Northwest and one of the best values in memberships in Seattle.  With tuition starting between $127 to $142 a month our rates AND benefits cannot be beat.

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