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Coach Josh

Josh Breda

CrossFit Coach Level 1

About Me

I started CrossFit five years ago at MKG and have been hooked ever since! Before this I played soccer for exercise, but suffered from numerous injuries and wanted to build muscle and gain mobility. I also went to some of the bigger gyms on and off but found myself less motivated and inconsistent. CrossFit solved these problems for me because all I have to do is show up, do what’s on the whiteboard, and work out with cool people. I’ve found the CrossFit prescription of constant variety with high intensity combined with proper nutrition to be the best way to see results. I love the camaraderie at MKG and look forward to the gym every single day. It has been great to see continuous progress over the last five years, yet also have so much to learn and so many new PR’s to earn!

I decided to get my CF-L1 certificate in July 2018 as the next step in the journey and have enjoyed the challenge of coaching so far.

My favorite movements are anything that favors tall people, especially wall balls, rowing, and box jumps!

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