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CrossFit at MKG Reviews

“As a first timer to CrossFit, I was initially intimidated, however this was immediately put to rest by the awesome staff and camaraderie of fellow students. If you’re considering giving CrossFit a try, I highly recommend starting your journey with MKG!” – William Martin


“My first crossfit experience, and I’m not sure what could be better. The coaches are great, class sizes are good, and fellow crossfitters are supportive and helpful. Overall great experience.” – Jordan Steed


“Honestly, and coming from a lazy person, this is a great way to start your day! Even with just two weeks of “on-ramp” I can feel the awesome. Also, allowing me to get more out of the other classes offered at MKG!” – Nigel Leytham


“CrossFit at MKG is a great new CrossFit community to join!  Very fun, challenging workouts that will test your limits and Tyler with Coach Burgener; one of the best Olympic Lifting coaches out there.)

“After a failed attempt at another Crossfit gym in the North Seattle area (I got injured and could hardly move for weeks!), I decided to give Crossfit another chance.  I had very limited weightlifting experience and didn’t really know much about Crossfit, so I was looking for a coach that would be supportive and that would motivate me to get stronger, while keeping me safe and injury free. Well, lucky for me for finding Coach Steph at MKG!  She started me off on the On Ramp program, and from the start she always made sure that I was doing the workouts correctly and safely. And when the workouts got more challenging, she always kept them fun and helped me set some great fitness goals for myself.  The times the workouts are offered are flexible and they’ve even added more times to accommodate people’s schedules. Also, the gym is spacious and is kept very clean and organized.

It has now been about five months and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to join Crossfit @ MKG! Coach Steph and Coach Tammy have pushed my limits and I’ve seen great progress in my fitness level. If you are even thinking about it, give MKG a try! They will make you work hard but it will be very worth it!” – Diana Salazar (Yelp)


“I’ve been CrossFitting on and off since 2011 and have been a member at four boxes in San Francisco and Seattle. (I only left one because it wasn’t a good fit, I’ve just moved a lot.) After a move to Maple Leaf in December I found Crossfit@MKG and signed up for On Ramp in January to brush up on my skills. It’s only been two months but I’m hooked.

Being the new person has never been less awkward with how friendly the staff, coaches, and my fellow CrossFitters are. The coaches are great and push me but never in a bad way. There are tons of class times to choose from and the class sizes are never too unmanageable for the coaches to provide one-on-one assistance. The programming is fantastic as well, with a good mix of skill and strength work along with the WODs.

I don’t happen to take advantage of the Martial Arts offerings, but many of my classmates do. The gym offers tons of seminars and CrossFit events as well that you can participate in if you choose. I see myself being a member for quite some time to come.” – Beth Martin (Yelp)


“I love this place. I had been hearing a lot about CrossFit, and mostly just thought it sounded way too hard for ME to do, the weakling that I am. But the deal on yelp finally peaked my interest enough to call for a little more info.Coach Steph gave me a tour and> explained how it worked, and I signed up for the OnRamp program, thinking I could at least try it! It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

I ended up joining CrossFit on the unlimited plan, I’ve been going three times a week since then, and it is HARD, but never too hard since it is completely scalable. There is really nothing like the sense of accomplishment after you successfully finish a really intense workout.

And these people, they are so great. The coaches are awesome and being encouraged the entire time. I only regret not starting sooner; I have been at it for about a month, and have never felt better about myself.

If you’re on the fence, just go check it out. You’ll like it :)” – Lindsey Rowsen (Yelp)

“This is a great gym for anyone interested in trying crossfit for the first time OR die-hard crossfit addicts. I have been crossfitting for almost 3 years and I’ve been to 3 different crossfit gyms in the North Seattle area. This is my favorite because of the coaches. Let’s face it, crossfit is crossfit and it is going to be hard but so worth it wherever you go. Coaches are the difference.” – Holly Herbison (Yelp)


“Thank you CrossFit at MKG for the great sessions during my extended holiday in Seattle, especially Drew and Steph for the coaching. Great workouts and people during the 3 drop-in sessions that I had with you guys.” – Bramono Lunardi – Guest CrossFitter

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