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The Explosive Seminar


6-Time World record holder in Box Jumping, Ryan Moody, will be here Sunday, August 11, to teach us how to be explosive!  This seminar is open to EVERYONE, no matter what your sport is, where you CrossFit at; EVERYONE can learn from this, but space is limited to 50 guests.

This is NOT a jumping seminar. The seminar focuses on training pertaining to becoming more explosive at the hips. The faster you can move your hips from point A to point B the more powerful you become in your “Lifts”, the faster you can run or sprint, and the higher you can jump. This seminar helps to teach the attendees how to program such training with their current CrossFit or Strength Training regimen. The seminar will also cover mental fortitude techniques that have been used for centuries to strengthen the mind and body simultaneously. This seminar can guarantee you will see improvement in your level of fitness and ability if you stick to the programming. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013  |  9AM – 2PM

CrossFit at MKG | Northgate
10714 5th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

Space is LIMITED to 50 guests.  To reserve your spot you can either mail your check to the address listed above, ATTN: Explosive Seminar.  The cost for this seminar is $60.  You can also call 206-367-981 to make your payment and reserve your spot over the phone, or stop by and see us! 

 mkg seminar aug 11th flyer

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