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WOD’s for Sept. 8th-12th

Monday, 9/7
Labor day

Tuesday, 9/8
Front Squats
2 waves of 7-5-3
Every 2:30
Max distance row

Wednesday, 9/9
For Time
Double unders Fx:Singles x2
Hang power cleans
Sit ups
Bar load- Px:95/65 Fx:75/55 L:55/35
As soon as finish you have 5 minutes
to establish a heavy power clean.
Score is time in WOD and heaviest
completed power clean.

Thursday, 9/10
Every 4:00 x 16 Minutes
5-10 Strict pull ups
Fx: seated Strict pull up
20 Bent over rows w/DB
10 each arm.
For Time
30-20-10 (M)
20-15-5 (W)
Calories, Echo
Alt. Lunges steps w/DB’s
Px:50/35 Fx:35/20 L:20/10
10 minute time cap

Friday, 9/11
6 Sets
2:00 work – :30 Rest
200m Run
10 Push jerks
Bar load- Px:135/95 Fx:5/65 L:75/55

Saturday, 9/12
Teams of two
One partner works at a time
5 Burpees
10 Back squats
15 Calorie, Ski-Erg/row
Bar load-
Px:135/95 Fx:95/65 L:75/55