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WOD’S Sept. 14th-19th

Monday, 9/14
Bench Press
Every 2:30
2 Waves 7-5-3
9 Slam balls
Px:40/30 Fx:30/20 L:20/10
6 Ring Dips Fx:Bench dips

Tuesday, 9/15
Row – Distance
Px:250/200 Fx:200/150 L:150/100
50 Double unders Fx:75 Singles
Echo- Calories
Px:15/10 Fx:12/7 L:10/5

Wednesday, 9/16
3 High hang power snatches
Every :20 X 3 Minutes
Bar load- Px:75/55 Fx:55/35 L:45/25
3 Hang power snatches
Every :20 x 3 Minutes
Bar load- Px:75/55 Fx:55/35 L:45/25
3 Full Power Snatches
Every :20 X 3 Minutes
5 Power snatches
3 Lateral bar burpees
10 Wall balls
Px:20/14 Fx:14/10 L:10/6
Bar load – Px:95/65 Fx:75/55 L:55/35

Thursday, 9/17
For Time:
Buy In:
1000/800m Row
Power clean & jerks
T2B Fx:V-ups L:Sit ups
*400m run between rep sets
Bar load-
Px:135/95 Fx:95/65 L:75/55
23 minute time cap

Friday, 9/18
Back Squat
Every 2:30
2 Waves 7-5-3
Against a 5 Minute clock:
30/20 HRPU
60 KB Swings
Px:53/35 Fx:35/26 L:26/18
Max – Box jump overs
Px:24/20 Fx:20/16 L:16/12

Saturday, 9/19
Teams of two
Against 20 minute clock
4 Rounds
19 synchronized burpees
Must be on the ground together
19 Synchronized Sit ups
Must be at the top of sit up together
38 Deadlifts Px:135/95 Fx:115/85 L:95/65
Break them up anyway you choose,
as long as it’s 50-50
Max calories, Echo
*Score is Calories