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MKG Fitness & CrossFit is more than just a gym. In addition to providing our members a life changing workout we also strive to create an educational, ego-less, nurturing and inspiring community in which to accomplish their goals.

CrossFit and Fitness For Every Body

Would you like to improve your physical and mental health regardless of your age or physical ability?  This is what we do!  At CrossFit MKG in North Seattle our goal is to provide the most enjoyable and effective physical fitness program possible to achieve your specific health and fitness goals.  Our CrossFit and other fitness programs are never boring, always different and fun!  Come check it out!





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WOD’S for OCT. 26th-31st

Monday, 10/26 Strict Press 2 Waves 5-3-1 Every 2:30 CONDITIONING: For Time: Calories, Echo Px:30/20 Fx:20/15 L:15/10 30 Slam balls Calories, Echo Px;30/20 Fx:20/15 L:15/10 6 Minute time cap S.B. – Px:40/30 Fx:30/20 L:20/10 Tuesday, 10/27 5 Rounds 3:00 Per Round Rest 1 minute between rounds 25 Sit ups Max-Disnce,[…]

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WOD’S for Oct.19th-24th

Monday, 10/19 AMRAP 15 15 Hang power cleans 30 Double unders Fx:45 Singles 15 Front Squat 30 Double unders Fx:45 Singles Bar load – Px:95/65 Fx:75/55 L:55/35 Tuesday, 10/20 Every 4:00 x 4 sets 16 DB Bent over rows *8 each arm 16 Hammer bicep curls *8 each arm CONDITIONING:[…]

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WOD’S for Oct. 5th – Oct. 10th

Monday, 10/5 4 Rounds 5:00 Rest 2:30 Between rounds Calories, Row Px:20/15 Fx:15/10 L:12/7 20 KB Swings Px:53/35 Fx:44/26 L:35/18 Calories, Echo Px:15/10 Fx:12/7 L:10/5 Max – C2B Fx: Pull ups L:inverted row Tuesday, 10/6 Front Squat 2 Waves 5-3-1 Every 2:30 CONDITIONING: For Time 21 Calories, Row 21 Thrusters[…]

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WOD’s For Sept. 28th-Oct. 3rd

Monday, 9/28 CORE 4 Sets Every 2:30 8 V-ups 15 Tuck ups :30 Hollow body hold CONDITIONING: 40-30-20-10 Air squats Sit ups Double unders Singles (60-45-30-20) HRPU Tuesday, 9/29 AMRAP 18 15/10 Calories, Echo 200m Run 16 Hang power snatches Bar load – Px:75/55 Fx:65/45 L:55/35 Wednesday, 9/30 STRICT PRESS[…]

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